Frequently asked Questions

1. What is The Zoo made of?

The Zoo frame is made of sustainably sourced plywood. The wood can be either very pale or a warmer brown in colour. The bars consist of a bungee cord covered with food-grade custom extruded plastic tubing, which is there for safety and cosmetic reasons. The flexible bars prevent children from getting their heads stuck or wrapped up in the elastic cord.

2. What size is The Zoo?

The Zoo is width: 57cm x depth: 30cm x height: 154cm.

3. Why did you make The Zoo?

We had toy hammocks for our soft toys, but they kept falling down and were very dusty - also the toy hammocks fit on to the wall and the children couldn't reach the soft toys! The Zoo is the perfect solution.

4. Is The Zoo easy to put together?

The Zoo comes as a self assembly kit with full picture instructions and fittings for the wall. It should take you an average of 20 mins to put together.

5. Can you put anything else in The Zoo?

Absolutely! We have a Zoo in the playroom for the soft toys and a Zoo in the garage for the footballs, dressing up clothes and the endless fancy dress hats!

6. Do you paint The Zoo?

The Zoo comes unfinished but finely sanded. Most people leave it just as it is. However it can be a fun project for the children to decorate using acrylic paints/stickers etc. See the pictures and reviews sent in by customers in the zookeepers gallery for some great ideas.

7. Do you offer a delivery discount for 2 or 3 Zoos?

We are unable to offer quantity discounts for 2 or more Zoos as there are no production savings and each Zoo has to be shipped separately.

8. Do you ship internationally?

For customers in the US, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii – please go to For Europe and the rest of the world, please Email us for a quote.